Welcome on board!

Hello, Ladies and Gentleman!
Welcome on board of my new blog flying on a regular flight with number FB9711 to a new amazing world! Before take off you are kindly requested to switch off your mobile phones, enjoy your favourite songs and grab a cup of coffee or why not a glass of a red wine? We would like to inform you that we accept any kinds of questions, crazy travel experiences or recommendations, so don’t hesitate to contact us. On behalf of the whole crew we wish you a pleasant and comfortable flight!

If aviation is your hobby, passion or even your current job you’re in the right place! Here you can find everything about the fabulous life of a flight attendant – how to become a cabin crew member  (education and training requirements), physical requirements, responsibilities,salaries and lifestyle.
You probably have wondered thousands of times what is like to be a flight attendant? You might actually be surprised or maybe shocked to discover many of the truths behind my lifestyle as a flight attendant as well as the incidences and behaviour of passengers at 30,000 feet! I’ll tell you not only about the bright sides of being a cabin crew member, but situations that frustrate us flight attendants and situations that frustrate passengers. I will also let you know what your flight attendant has the power to do when you get on board and what they don’t have the power to do. I will reveal some secrets that passengers usually don’t know and may be interesting and useful for you to know when you get on the aircraft next time. Here you have the opportunity to explore a totally different world at 30, 000 feet – meet different flight attendants and pilots in amazing interviews and enjoy all funny, dangerous, ridiculous situations I am facing almost everyday on board!


All texts and most images on this blog are copyrighted and as such are protected by a copyright law. When copying text or image, please mention the source and place a link to the blog.
Thank you!



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