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6 things flight attendants wish passengers will stop doing

What brings people together when it comes to air travel? Delayed flights, over-priced drinks at the airport, cramped spaces, one lavatory on board…and deep-seated fear of sudden death maybe. I know, I know I’ve also traveled as a passenger and I know what it feels like. BUT I am pretty sure passengers have never thought that they can make their flight so much easier and nicer for them and for those who surround them – airport agents, flight attendants…

Which were the most annoying things for me as a flight attendant that passengers used to do on the airplane?

1.  Taking their shoes off
Yes, I know that we have to take our shoes off sometimes during security screenings but that doesn’t mean we have to expose our feet once we’re in the air. I’ve always said “If you’re rude enough to share your foot odor with everyone else, at least put your socks or your slippers that airlines provide when heading to the bathroom”. That water on the floor is not actually water…


2. Pretending that they’re at a buffet 
Sorry you have to hear this but most of the flights are non-stop which doesn’t mean the service is non-stop too. On shorter flights the options are complimentary food and drinks and you need to understand that there is no time for full meal. Even if the flight is longer and there are variety of snacks and a several full meals you are still limited to what’s available on the plane. Planes are not flying restaurants.


3. Using the plane like their personal space 
I know how hard it is to travel with babies and young children but please don’t let your kids play in the aisle on the plane. Other passengers and flight attendants need to go through and there’s a huge possibility to run that 250lb beverage cart over your baby by accident. It’s also not a good idea to encroach on the galley because that’s the area where flight attendants take their breaks, eat their lunch and organize everything. They spend most of their time serving the public so you need to considerate their personal space.

4. Treating flight attendants like servants
Many times when passengers used to walk onto the plane and I used to greet them they didn’t make even eye contact with me. Hellooo, I think you should probably return the greeting or at least give a smile so I know I am not invisible! And one more thing…I am not your personal waitress so I can bring you free beer every 20minutes, you even didn’t say hello to me,remember? That is so rude!

5. Ordering hot drinks on a short flight 
I used to hate when passengers ordered hot drinks on a flight less than an hour. Usually we had to wait 15mins to start with the service and be ready 15mins prior to landing. I remember every time on that short flight we used to start with the service right after the seat belt signs were turned off after departure and we had to climb the aisle with the heavy cart till we reach the first row…cuz our service started from the rear galley.

6. Ignore the rules
Rules are there to protect you and it’s way much easier when everyone does what they’re supposed to. Rules are in place for safety, not because the flight attendant wants to inconvenience you or doesn’t like you. Don’t use your phone when all passengers are waiting for you to take off, don’t insist using the lavatory during turbulence and expect to be compensated when you get injured. Don’t obtain documentation saying that your dog is an ”emotional assist” just because you don’t want to pay the pet fee, and then act surprised when it bites the unaccompanied minor. It is so simple, just follow the rules, they are to protect you!

I hope these were useful tips for all of you guys who travel all the time. I don’t mean to be rude, I just think that you will have a better flight experience if you follow those simple steps. For more useful tips you can check YOUR COMFORT AND SAFETY IN THE AIR Jet lag action plan ; 16 advices for a pleasant and comfortable flight. Part 1


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  1. Love the post. I always say hello when boarding . I agree with the whole post. Although on my last trip I did knock on the galley as I was so sick and in pain. They were lovely and sat me down with them and made sure I was comfy.


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