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Frankfurt before Christmas

Hey everyone! I am so so sorry I haven’t been posting for such a long time but I had a solid reason not doing so. That is why I decided to start the new year with this article and this time you can expect more interesting aviation articles every Monday! I can’t wait to represent you also my rubric Fly it to the end , where you will be able to ask me everything you want to know about aviation and traveling!

Today’s article will be about a funny experience of mine a few years ago when 2 days before Christmas my crew and I stuck at Frankfurt airport due to a brake fluid leak from the landing gear. I will also tell you a little about Frankfurt and where to stay if you have a short layover as I did.

The problem with the aircraft was serious so we had to wait for a new part to be ordered, delivered and changed. So we spent at least an hour without any passengers on board so our Captain can get some information where shall we spend the night. So finally we arrived at Steigenberger Airport Hotel which is literally 8 mins far away by bus from Frankfurt Airport. If you have short term stay/layover and you need to be close to the airport in Frankfurt I highly recommend Steigenberger Hotel – a 5 star hotel with all amenities you need  like free WiFi, swimming pool, spa, fitness area, shuttle service, big and luxury meeting rooms. The food is amazingly delicious, especially for breakfast there’s a huge variety of cereals, fruits, juices, omelettes and many many other yummy things. The rooms are spacious, clean and cozy and the beds are sooo soft and comfortable!


The funny thing was nobody including myself had clothes or any luggage at all! We had to stay for two days until our airplane was fixed so we had to go and buy ourselves something new to wear. It wouldn’t be very nice wearing and sleeping with the working uniform 3 days you know… That was not my first time being stuck somewhere without any luggage, that is why when I got home I put a few things in my suitcase so I can be prepared for the next time. Probably you’ve always wondered why do flight attendants have suitcases, right? Well you can find out in my article Why do flight attendants have carry on bags? or What do I never get on board without.

And so we went shopping the next day and exploring the beautiful streets of Frankfurt. Everybody knows how beautiful Germany is before Christmas Eve when the Christmas Markets open. Frankfurt by the way is one of the oldest and largest Christmas Markets in Germany that has been running since 1393! The old town is brightly illuminated by thousands of fairy lights reflecting off the windows of the square’s traditional half-timbered houses. The scent of baked apples, chestnuts, gingerbread and mulled wine fills the air….mmm I can still feel it! Where to go exactly and what to see…well I’m not the right person to ask since I spent a day and a half there only but the center is a few minutes far away from the hotel by subway so anybody can grab the map and start exploring! I have prepared a few photos from the Christmas Market we went to and don’t forget to try the German hot dogs which have a huge variety of delicious sausages like bratwurst, weisswurst, liverwurst and more!



As I said that was not my first time being stuck somewhere, so if you are interested you can have a look at my other article which is about one of the most romantic places in Europe. So… Let me take you to PARIS!