How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?

Quick view at the cockpit


Hey guys,

You should know that except the passengers in First and Business class there are at least two more “special” passengers that need а special care and they are usually seated in the cockpit! Many of you who had to bring food to the cockpit know that pilots like being spoiled or being surprised with something different to eat except their own meal (come on, we all know that the airline food for cabin crew is terrible!). You just need to be thoughtful, free your imagination and of course you must have some free time to make it happen!

The last time one of our Captains was deadheading ( which means for example flying as a passenger on company business to get to work) and we invited him to sit in the Business class as it was empty. You are probably curious to see what do we serve for breakfast in the Business class? Oh, well…

Omlette! I know…it doesn’t look good…and it also doesn’t taste good. But wait until you see one of the cabin crew’s meals…

That is why sometimes I feel sorry for the guys in the cockpit because they usually eat whatever the flight attendants give them. When you are at the cabin (as we are) you can always find  something different you to eat – something forgotten from the special meals in the Economy class or from the Business class. That is why the last time I decided to make something different for the cockpit like these tasty sandwiches:

To make them I used all the things from my cold plate.


Whenever I have free time I love doing delicious stuff for the pilots such as sandwiches or baked apples with honey! Or fresh drinks like these:

– herbal tea mixed with green tea, lemon juice, honey and lot of ice
– mint tea mixed with herbal tea, honey and lot of ice
– soda mixed with black currant juice/orange juice/apple juice
– apple juice mixed wih orange juice
– airan (yogurt wih water)

And let’s do not forget the chocolates and these handmade sets full of napkins and wet towels for the hands…

Since the food for the cabin crew might be not so delicious and healthy you can check my article about HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON BOARD? for cabin crews only :))