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Hey guys,
I’m really sorry for not being very active lately, I’ve just been very busy with my new work but don’t worry I’ve put lots of posts in queue to maintain this blog active. I was wondering should I post this article or no because it’s really embarrasing BUT it’s also very funny and there is no way I can keep it for myself. So…

My last flights as a flight attendant were one of the most hilarious ones and one of them I will never foget…for sure. We were flying to Paris, everything was fine, the passengers were nice and calm, we arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport and after we were done with the refueling started boarding the new passengers to Sofia. It was strange that we got ready so fast with everything because usually Charles de Gaulle is one of the busiest airports in Europe and everything usually goes sooo slooooowly. Everytime eiher the cleaning staff is going to be late either someone from the passengers will be missing and we’ll have to wait for them and that’s why I was sure we won’t be on time again…

As I was welcoming the passengers the ramp agent came to me and said we had to stop with the boarding because one of the baggage handlers had heard a strange sound from one of the suitcases. They had to find the owner of the baggage to open it and see what’s inside. At first the purser and I thought it might be a bomb but after a few minutes the ramp agent told us they had found the owner – an old lady and probably the sound was from an electric toothbrush. After a while we saw the other passengers coming in and we thought the problem was solved.

Yes, it was but do you know what was actually the thing that was making those strange vibrating sounds? No, it wasn’t just a toothbrush…the naughty granny had a dildo in her luggage!


Then we realized why the ramp agent was blushing all the time but since I am a total idiot I couldn’t help myself and burst into a hysterical laugh. I was laughing through tears and I still am! Everytime when I remember the granny’s face I start lauging! Imagine a short slender grandma,with an innocent smile on her face who is barely walking playing with dildos! Well…everything is possible! That’s it granny! You can do it!

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