How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?

What is the emergency equipment on board?

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the emergency equipment on board?…Today I will reveal a secret that only cabin crews know!

The emergency equipment on board can be used only by qualified cabin crew members, because they’ve gone through a comprehensive training and know exactly what to do in case of an emergency situation. Passengers are not allowed to use the emergency eqipment and that’s why the safety demo represents only the main things passengers should know – emergency exits, how to fasten their seat belts, oxygen masks, use of life jackets and safety instruction cards.


Let’s start with the cockpit. Pilots also have their own oxygen masks in case of decompression, they are called quick donning masks. I can talk about them a lot, but I won’t be so detailed. There are a few types of quick donning masks, here is an example:

Yeah, it reminds me also for the movie “Alien vs Predator” haha

They also have a fire extinguisher and axe which is used in case of fire in hidden areas in the cockpit. If the cockpit door is blocked in case of an emergency situation, pilots can evacuate themselves from the windows with a rope which is hidden in a panel above their heads.

Fire extinguishers
There are different types of fire extinguishers on board. For example in the airline where I used to work, we had a Halon and water fire extinguisher. Nearby most fire extinguishers there is also a pair of special gloves that protect from fire. There are also small fire extinguishers in the lavatories, which have two small plugs that melt when temperature reaches 79°C if fire occurs in the waste bin.

The protective breathing equipment is only for the cabin crew members when they must use in case of smoke and fire on board. There are different types of PBEs like these ones:


Oxygen bottles and first aid kits
On board there are oxygen bottles that flight attendants use to provide oxygen to sick passengers to feel better!

In case of an emergency the whole electricity on board may stop, then cabin crews may use a megaphone to shout their commands to evacuate passengers more quickly.

There are different types of emergency locator transmitters that help rescue services help the airplane if it disappears. The ELTs can be portable and static. 

The portable ELT is that orange thing on the right.

Under each cabin attendant seat there is a life jacket which is always in a different color, because in case of an emergency situations flight attendants must stand out from the crowd. And there is also an MRT (on the left) manual release tool which is used for opening different things on board…


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