Love is in the air



In one of my previous articles “Why do flight attendants have carry on bags?” I promised to tell you about my crazy experience in Paris. What happened? Nothing much…we had a turnaround flight from Sofia to Paris, but the nose landing gear broke as we landed at Charles de Gaulle airport. We couldn’t get back to Sofia the same day (of course my colleagues and I didn’t have spare clothes or ANYTHING else), however we decided to take the train to the city centre and go for a walk. Our first stop was at the Eiffel Tower. Imagine three girls wearing same clothes trailing their suitcases behind them… Yeah, everyone from the train already knew we were flight attendants, but the funniest part was when we arrived at the Eiffel Tower! There was a big group of Japanese tourists who were taking photos of the beautiful monument, as they saw us they just started fiercely taking photos of us! Obviously we were a bigger attraction than the Eiffel Tower, because everyone were staring at us!

I’ve been to Paris twice before and I knew exactly which places to visit…again! I also wanted to find my love padlock  which I locked with my boyfriend, on one of the bridges near by the Louvre three years ago…Well I couldn’t actually find it because now there are some wooden obstructions that don’t allow people to lock more padlocks, because all bridges may collapse because of their heavy weight.

We’ve realized it would take a lot of time to take the train to Champs Élysées, then to the Louvre and bla blah and as we were confused what to do – a Bulgarian guy who worked as a rikshaw driver offered to give us a ride. For 30 bucks per person! I just told him “No, way man! Our plane just broke, we don’t have spare clothes and enough money…I give you 30 bucks for three of us and we have a deal!” That was the best deal I’ve ever made haha all other rikshaw drivers gone crazy because we didn’t get on their rikshaws! And so we headed to Champs Élysées, even while waiting in the raffic jam a few boys from a black Beamer were passing us red roses…

We saw Champs Élysées, the Triumphal arc, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and finished our tour at a nice French restaurant at the Latin Quarter with a glass of red wine. One more funny fact – we saw a cafe in front of the Louvre which was absolutely empty. We decided to have a seat for a while because our high heels were killing us. After a few seconds for the same reason an Asian woman took a seat next to us to take a rest. Of course all we wanted to do was to have a seat, not to eat or drink anything…When the Asian woman told the waiter she won’t drink anything he politely asked her to leave, but didn’t tell us anything! He even suggested to take a photo of us three! HA! The advantage of wearing a uniform in public!


Such a great experience that I will never forget!

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