Diary of a pissed-off flight attendant

Aggressive deportee on board

Since the big wave of refugees has reached Europe, many airlines help to extradite as many deportees as possible to their own countries. Not long time ago we had to extradite an Argentinean passenger from Dusseldorf to Sofia. Usually deportees must be accompanied by one or more security agents, who must occupy the last row, be next to the deportee, who should be seated next to the window – far away from the cockpit and most passengers. Such security measures are undertaken so the deportee won’t be able to get away very easily…you know some of them are dangerous criminals or just aggressive…


Let me tell you what happened on this day from Dusseldorf to Sofia. We started the boarding with the deportee… I saw a young man standing on the jetway with folded hands refusing to get on board. Two security agents from our airline and two huge policemen from the airport made him get on the plane by force very quickly. The guy was screaming all the time “NO! NO! NO! BULGARIA NOOO!!”…at first the purser and I burst into laugh and I said to myself “What’s all the fuss about? Is it so bad in Bulgaria?!…Well, I guess it is…”. Finally the deportee took his place on the last row, but was very nervous. While other passengers were boarding I was at the back galley watching the deportee pretending he’s sick just to attract attention. The security agents tried to calm him down and make him be more quiet, but things escalated very quickly and that guy started to rebel and shout again. I didn’t want to be part of this scene and I started closing the overhead bins. As I almost reached the emergency exits I turned around and what I saw was shocking! The deportee was behind me trying to escape, waving with hands, shouting there is a bomb on board, meanwhile one of the securities was dragging on the floor after him, with wrapped arms around deportee’s both legs. The guy’s pants were almost pulled off from the strong grip and everyone were able to see…half of his ass. Even he lost one of his shoes on the aisle! The other security agent was much shorter than him and was trying to reach him to pull on his ear. Finally the security agents stopped the young man when he reached the cockpit! Most disturbing was the fact that we were already taxiing on the runway and were about to depart. All passengers were shocked and many of them were afraid, as the deportee was screaming for the Captain and begging him for help, but without any luck. Security agents are not policemen and don’t have the right to use hand cuffs…that’s why they tried with cable ties! We were obliged to get back to the terminal and leave this crazy man in Dusseldorf…and we did.

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