Tips for nice and comfortable flight




Your health. If you are planning your journey, but you are concerned about your health or you suffer from respiratory or heart condition, you should better visit your doctor. You should keep in mind it is good to inform your cabin crew if you suffer from any disease. A few days ago we had a passenger on board who was suffering from epilepsy and didn’t tell us anything. During the flight he swallowed his tongue and was about to die. You can read more about it in my article IS THERE A DOCTOR ON BOARD?

Your luggage. Try to travel light. Carrying heavy bags can cause considerable stress you may not be used to. Arriving at your sit exhausted is not a good start to your journey. In your hand luggage, carry only essential items which you will genuinely need during the flight…and maybe after that. Always bring with yourself a tooth brush, spare clothes in case your luggage gets lost. Two months ago I arrived at the USA without any luggage and more about it you can read here: FLY with QATAR AIRWAYS

Your check in deadline. Arrive early at the airport. Give yourself plenty of time to check in, shop and board. Check-in times vary from airport to airport and from destination to destination. Inform yourself well in advance to avoid delays and cancellations.

Security. Do read and follow the security requirements. Do not agree to carry other people’s items with you. Never leave your hand luggage unattended. Why? Terrorist acts have become more frequent and you should be very careful. In my article Another terrorist act? you can learn more how to be more observant. Store personal knives, scissors and other sharp objects safely inside your suitcase or hold luggage. If you do not, airport security staff will stop you taking them aboard in your cabin luggage.

Your hand luggage. Please store heavy items underneath the seat in front of you. Stow lighter items in the overhead luggage racks. Please ensure you do not block access to the emergency exits and do not block the aisle.

Smoking. Smoking on board is dangerous. All flights in all airlines are non-smoking and cabin crew are under strict instructions to monitor observance. Do not smoke in the lavatories as they are equipped with smoke detectors.

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