Diary of a pissed-off flight attendant



Summer is the best time for traveling and exploring new destinations, that is why charter flights are the best way to visit your desired destination in a very cheap way. Perhaps you are asking yourself what is the difference between regular and charter flights? Charter flights are for specific journeys, not part of the airline’s regular schedule. Each year many tourists especially Russians visit our seaside, that is why our airline bases two airplanes at the seaside only for charter flights. And here I am now based in Burgas.

Remember that in one of my previous articles Fatal Friday 13th I mentioned that being a flight attendant is a very stressful job which requires a lot of patience and concentration. Let me tell you what happened yesterday.

Flight from Burgas to Moscow. As we started boarding one passenger came to me and told me she found a lost passport on the aisle. I took the passport and gave it to the purser and she handed it over to the ramp agent. I thought that someone from the previous flight had forgotten his passport, although I didn’t see it while doing the security check. Nobody made an announcement to the passengers to ask them for the passport and we took off.

After hour and a half from our departure a man came at the back galley and told us there is a sick passenger. My colleague is working for about a month and she got a little worried. She rushed into the cabin and tried to get through the crowd to reach the sick passenger. I followed her slowly, because it’s not my first time having fainted people on board. I saw a young boy who was fainted with a drooped head. I told everyone to get out of my way so I can reach him. His bush of curly hair was covering his face and I couldn’t see his face, he was shacking and had difficult breathing. I didn’t have the power to pull him up, because he was huge! The purser came and saw what was actually going on and started shouting on the PA (passenger announcement) system: “VRACH! VRACH! VRACH!” in Russian it means “doctor”. Two rows behind a man jumped out of his place, pushed me aside pulled the boy up who had swallowed his tongue. His lips were blue. Then we had to find a steel spoon to take out his tongue, but all the passengers started handing their plastic spoons which we gave them for the coffee. Are you crazy people, do you want to kill the poor guy?! After that I started looking at the galleys for something made of steel. As I was running back and forward on the aisle I felt like a horse, seriously… As everyone was panicked on the aisle I had to jump over each passenger as I am on a horse race. Finally I found a steel clamp for ice, I handed it to the doctor and he pulled out the boy’s tongue. God bless that man who saved the boy’s life! Everyone burst into loud applause. The boy survived.

Remember about the lost passport? 10minutes before landing one of the passengers asked me for her passport! “Excuse me can you please give me back my passport. I saw that you found it”. And then I said to myself “WHAT?! Are you crazy woman! Why didn’t you say anything when I found your passport?!”. When I told her we handled her passport to the ramp agent in Burgas she got crazy and started yelling at me as it was my fault that I lost her passport! Without passport she was not able to enter her country, but there was nothing we could do…

At the time of landing I said to myself “Oh, God, finally. The boy survived, we landed safely, everything is okay…” and suddenly BOOOM BOOOM POOOOW and coffee pitchers started raining over my head, one of the broken trolleys opened and all the bottles full of water dispersed everywhere.

You see that little compartment up there? Too high isn’t it?….ouch it hurts!

Obviously we weren’t so “Cabin secured” if you know what I mean… Oh, no, what’s next? Can it be worse than that?!
After landing we had big hassle with that woman who lost her passport. She had another Russian passport and thank God there wasn’t any problem for her to enter the country. We told her she will receive her passport on the next day with our next flight. She was more angry about the fact that the cabin crew didn’t speak Russian and she didn’t want to leave the plane. The purser was about to go crazy and finally I flamed up and started yelling at the woman in Russian, saying that I am not supposed to speak Russian and if she is Bulgaria she has to speak in Bulgarian!

Such a hard and stressful day, I had a horrible headache at the end of the working day. Wonder what is like to be a purser and handle such stressful situations? In my next article Yanitsa Valeva I will meet you with the purser of this flight and answer all your questions!