Love is in the air



A few days ago it was such a pleasure for me to be part of the crew that had the chance to open the new destination of Bulgaria Air from Sofia to Budapest! On 20th June, 2016 many passengers enjoyed their first flight to Budapest with our new aircraft E190.

The airline provided a photographer on board who was filming everything and taking photos and a journalist who interviewed some of our passengers during the flight. The purser also had to speak in front of the camera about her first impressions about the flight and passengers’ mood. I didn’t have the courage to speak in front of the camera, because every time I have to do it, I get very nervous and start talking nuts. So I decided just to keep quiet and stay beautiful. The camera was in front of my face the whole time – during the boarding, the safety demo, while pouring the champagne in the glasses at the front galley and during the beverage service.

Yes, the airline provided a glass of champagne for all passengers as a compliment.

At the airport in Budapest we received a water-canon salute, all passengers were welcomed with Lindt chocolate and our crew was welcomed with a special cake and lots of smiles! The cake was amazing, we took a lot of photos and had lots of fun! Budapest airport, thank you all for the warm welcoming!

At Sofia airport our flight also received a water-canon salute. As the last row was empty I tried to make a video!


Bulgaria Air will operate the flight from Sofia to Budapest four times per week – every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Sunday.

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