How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?


If you wish to become a cabin crew member, this article will be very useful to all young ladies/gentleman who wish to make their dream come true. How much do flight attendants really make? There is no exact answer, in each airline flight attendants get different salaries.

I will start with some popular airlines in Bulgaria and thanks to some acquaintances of mine I have the information you need.

Everyone in Bulgaria Air start on a probation for six months as in most places. The starting salary as a Junior flight attendant is 250€(500BGN) and you are also paid per flown hour and landing – 4€ per landing; 3€ per hour. After the probation period the salary of a Senior flight attendant raises to 300€ (600BGN); 4€ per landing; 5€ per hour. There is Sky Shop Sale on board and flight attendants also get percent from the sale.
100 flying hours during high season + salary + % Sky Shop Sale = 800€ (1 565BGN) for Junior flight attendant
100 flying hours during high season + salary + % Sky Shop Sale = 925€ ( 1 809 BGN) for Senior flight attendant

Balkan Holidays Airlines is a charter airline, that is why every six months the airline changes the employment contract of  the flight attendants for summer/winter charter. The salary is around 225€ (450 BGN); no matter how many sectors you fly per day you get 30€ and you also get percent from the Sky Shop Sale, if you are based in Bourgas. The smallest income you may get is around 700€ (1400BGN), and the highest may be around    1 150€(2 300BGN). If you are based in another country (BH Airlines perform many flights from other countries) you get 75€ per day and 30€ for a day off, but on such flights there is no Sky Shop Sale. Then your income will be about 1 850€ (3 700BGN).

Wizz Air is not a Bulgarian airline, but they have a base in Sofia. Most young Bulgarian boys and girls who wish to become a cabin crew member apply in Wizz Air first, because this is the best choice for those who wish to travel and be home at the end of the day…without having to worry they have to stay somewhere for a couple of days. Flight attendants in Wizz Air are very well paid.
Starting as a  Junior flight attendant in Wizz Air you are will be on probation for six months, but the salary rises after the 9th month when you become a Senior flight attendant. Like Bulgaria Air, flight attendants in Wizz Air receive a salary + € for the flown sectors + percent from the Sky Shop Sale. During the low season you get around 850€ (1 700BGN) and during the high season around 1 100€ ( 2 220BGN).

Working for the famous carrier Emirates is a dream for a lot of people all over the world. Each year more than 200, 000 people apply for a job as a cabin crew, but not many of them receive the opportunity to become a member of the Emirates family. You start again as a Junior flight attendant on a probation for 6 months and after that you must go through some assessments, so you can continue working in Emirates. The starting salary is 4 200 AED (1 000 €). Each year the salary of the flight attendants raises with 200 AED (47 €), no matter if they stay in Economy class, Bussiness Class, ect. If they’re being upgraded the starting salary is 4 500 AED (1 067 €). In addition to the salary they’re paid per flоwn hour (which depends from the destination they fly to) and on the layovers they get allowances which also depend from the destination (usually allowances vary from 60 € to 100 €). There is also Sky Shop Sale on board of Emirates Airlines and there are special duty free operators  who are responsible for the sale. They are chosen during the briefing before each flight and only duty free operators get a 10% of the Sky Shop Sale.

Salaries in the US
Median pay for flight attendants in the United States is around $20.45 per hour. With some bonuses and profit sharing proceeds approaching $3K each, total incomes of Flight Attendants generally range from $23K to $79K depending on individual performance. . The most important factor affecting compensation for this group is geographic location, followed by career length and the individual firm.  

Flight attendants in all airlines can have big ticket discounts (seats are on standby, but more about this you can find in my future article) for themselves and their family members and they’re entitled to big discounts from all airport shops and certain hotels and restaurants!

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