Diary of a pissed-off flight attendant


And here is one funny situation my colleagues had experienced a long time ago and I decided to share it with you today. At first it sounds funny, but then you ask yourself “Seriously…how is this possible or is that some kind of a joke?!”. Probably you’ve heard about a case 5 years ago when a flight attendant for Virgin Blue has been fired over allegations that he placed a passenger’s infant child in the overhead bin during a flight from Fiji to Sydney. My story is very similar to this one.

In our airline when boarding is completed, flight attendants must count all passengers on board and the total number of passengers should be the same as the number listed in the PIL (passenger information list).
A flight from Sofia to Larnaca over a year ago has been delayed, because there was disparity in the number of passengers on board and the number given in the PIL.  Only one passenger on board has been missing and my collegues including the ramp agent have been counting the passengers over and over again, but without any luck. In fact the missing passenger was a baby. (That reminds me of another case in our airline when other colleagues of mine had been counting a contrabass as a passenger…)
Anyways, I have seen many times women covering their babies with blankets while nursing and while counting, you just pass them by thinking the baby is actually a bag. But this time the infant wasn’t covered with a blaket…one of my colleagues accidentally heard a baby cry from one of the overhead bins and for real, the infant child was in an overhead compartment! “I asked you couple of times where can I put my luggage and you told me in the overhead locker! There wasn’t enough space for my luggage and for my child, that is why I decided to put him there!” the boy’s mother explained to the stewardess. At first I burst into laugh when my colleague told me this ridiculous story, but then I got very frustrated of the fact how some parents take care of their children…

Some passengers have the great ability  to amaze flight attendants with their adequate questions and rational actions. I’ve seen so many things that I don’t believe there is anything in this world that can surprise me…