Tips for nice and comfortable flight

Tips for Easier Plane Traveling with Kids

When you get on board with small children, no one is happy…(well I am most of the time, because I love babies with fluffy cheeks), but usually passengers don’t enjoy traveling with babies. Nobody wants to sit next to you, behind you or in front of you…because your child will be overexcited, whining or crying during the whole flight. No matter how cute and adorable your kids are, no one else thinks that way when they are trapped with them on an airplane. Tired of all this? Today I am going to give you some simple tips which will help you make your flight with your kids easier!

1. Get ready for your flight!

If your child is not a baby anymore, have your child bring a small backpack with all goodies she/he will need for the flight. This way the kid will feel like a “grown up” and will be very proud to carry her/his own luggage. In the backpack you can put your child’s favourite toys for entertaining during a flight, things that you will need, such as bottles, diapers and wipes. This is a good way to save place in your own bag.
My advice to you is – ALWAYS bring a small blanket with yourself (no matter traveling with kids or without them), because not all airlines provide blankets in Economy class. For us, flight attendants it’s not so easy to conform with the claims of all passengers on board, that is why nobody is usually happy from the temperature in the cabin.
You can also bring an extra clothing for your children, because I don’t think you wish to spend the flight covered in vomit. I have seen it many times and trust me it’s not very nice…I have also seen parents giving their children some medication to relax, so they can fall asleep. I absolutely don’t recommend that, even to adults! People who have fear of flying have asked me hundred times for a pill which will make them fall asleep – NO. This might be dangerous, because you must be conscious in case of an emergency situaion. Same goes for children. Besides, medications like that my cause a reaction and make your child throw up…once or many times.


2. Before you head to the airplane

If you have already paid for a seat for your child ( who is under two years) and you carry a baby basket make sure the airline you’re flying with allows it. Many airlines allow baby baskets on board, but many airlines’ policy, such as ours airline, don’t – due to safety reasons. For parents with small children it is good to sit at the very rear part of the cabin. Usually nobody likes sitting at the last rows, but think about it. If you are mother traveling alone with your kids, one at the age of 6 and the other one a six month-old baby…You will bother the other passengers less, have more help from the flight attendants, and be right near the lavatories which is essential when changing diapers or with children who simply can’t wait.
While waiting for your flight let your children do whatever they want! Leave them walk, run around, let your baby crawl. Let them use all the energy they have, it is not time to stand still, you will have to do it the whole flight. Let your children get exhausted, so they can be more relaxed during the flight.
If you travel with a baby you can get yourself a baby carrier, so you won’t be needing a baby seatbelt.

3. During the flight

If you see your children getting bored and nervous during the flight, and their toys don’t entertain them anymore you can try read them a book, give them a pack of crayons to draw or colour a book. You can also try by giving them some candy, bottle of juice or some chips or ask the flight attendants to show your child where the cockpit is and probably get in. Don’t get your hopes up…because of the high security reasons the flight attendants may refuse, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask!



4. Before landing

Small children very often have problems with the ear pain before landing. It is caused by unequal pressures that develop on either side of the eardrum as the plane descends. Make sure you give your children something to drink or a chewing gum, and the baby is either nursing or drinking a bottle. That way some air will be pushed into the middle ear, which will equalise the pressure and ease the pain. Once you finally land, don’t rush…take your time, let all the other passengers off first, take all your personal belongings and make sure you won’t forget anything! If you need any help never hesitate to ask a passenger, the flight attendants or somebody at the airport. Nobody is going to refuse any help!

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