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What is Concorde?

Concorde is a supersonic airliner first flown in 1969, but it’s first commercial flight wasn’t until 1976. The airline has been exploited by British Airways and Air France. Only 20 Concordes were ever built, but only 14 were actually used commercially. In the late ’70s the price of the oil increased, that is why foreign airlines canceled their Concorde orders.
The maximum speed of Concorde was twice the speed of sound, reaching up to 1,370 mph, and it transported passengers from New York to London in less than 3.5 hours and today it takes us more than seven hours! The airliner has been in service for 27 years and it’s last flight was in 2003. Why?
– because of the pretty high maintenance in terms of upkeep
– because Concorde flew 45 miles per ton of gas versus today’s 120 miles (literally bled fuel)
– because used to carry fewer passengers
– not profitable enough
Many people do believe the supersonic airliner stopped flying because of a crash in 2000 when 113 people have died. The truth is that Concorde has been considered as one of the world’s safest planes and has that one single fatal accident in it’s history.

Meet Boom. A new supersonic plane concept promising shorter and shorter flight times
“We are making supersonic travel a reality”© 2016 Boom Technology, Inc.

This is Boom – a prototype for a new supersonic passenger aeroplane that will be able to fly from New York to London in 3.5 hours, even quicker than Concorde used to! Unlike Concorde, Boom uses existing technologies to keep costs low, and the business model is based on flights being about the same price as Business Class is today. This aircraft is already in development and test flights are planned for next year – 2017. First test flights will occur at Centennial Airport, with supersonic testing near Edwards Air Force Base in California. Everything is possible now with today’s aerodynamics, carbon fiber composites, and the latest engine technology.


The Boom airplane would travel more than twice the speed of sound and 2.6 times faster than any other airliner. The price for a round trip will be around 5,000$ which is not very affordable, but for the world’s business elite it will be a great steal!
Today’s transatlantic flights means jet-lag and days of lost productivity and family time. With this supersonic plane you will be able to travel across the Atlantic or Pacific, get business done, and be home the same day and spend more nights at home.

Probably the plane will be made of a carbon-fiber composite instead of aluminum, to reduce weight. Seats will be similar to standard domestic first-class and there would be  just 40 of those seats, making it a lot easier to fill than the 100-seater Concorde. Boom plans to cut flight-time by flying at 60,000 feet, meaning passengers will be able to see the curvature of the Earth.