How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?

What do I never get on board without?

Hello, everyone and happy International Aviation and Cosmonautics Day! In this memorable day, I appreciate those, who discovered the great space of the Universe for us and continue doing it. I wish good luck to all people who work in aviation and especially to those who fly now high into the skies, wish you all safe flights!
First of all I want to say sorry for being so quiet recently, but these days I’ve been flying a lot and didn’t have much free time. As I have already promised to some of you, today I’m going to share my list of things I take with me when going to work.


Cabin crew are the front line ambassadors for every airline, that is why uniforms need to be stylish and easily recognisable, so all flight attendants can easily stand out from the crowd. As a cabin crew member I must look good and feel comfortable in my unifoimage3rm as I spend so much time in it.

 That is why on first place in my list is my uniform.

My uniform consists of jacket, white shirt, skirt, vest, and very elegant, yet comfortable dress. The creation of this uniform is inspired by both traditional colors which represent the logo of our national carrier, and the global trends in women’s clothing – patterns are modern and strictly elegant. The uniform is made from special fabrics that do not allow a change in the uniform’s vision even after the end of the workday. Scarves and aviation badges complement the concept of style and perfection.








It is part of the uniform. Sometimes it might be annoying dragging your heavy suitcase everywhere instead of a nice purse, but the best thing about the suitcase is that it’s big enough to place all important things you need without having to worry there won’t be enough space! This is my second suitcase of Samsonite and I can assure you this is the strongest and lightest at the same time suitcase ever!


image5Yes, looking good is important but having impeccable documents is 
something that should not be overlooked. All flight attendants must have:
– a valid Cabin Crew License;
– a valid Passport;
– a valid Identity Card;
– Visa, if necessary;
– a valid Crew Member Certificate;
– a valid Medical Certificate;
– a valid recurrent training certificate;
– a valid conversion and differences training certificate;
– travel insurance card;
– sanitary certificate;



6The watch and the badge are part of cabin crew’s uniform in all airlines.

My fragrance is Tobacco and Vanille by Tom Ford, with heavy and sweet accords.

White pearls – my favourite earrings for work.

And of course let’s don’t forget my precious airplane key holder  =)


Since I started working as a flight attendant I had a few bad experiences. You have a turnaround flight to Frankfurt, but suddenly due to some technical problems you realise you can’t get home the same day and you have to go to a hotel  – without any clothes, without any make up, without anything – just you and your uniform…and your empty suitcase. After having experienced such situations a few times, I already have spare clothes which can’t be removed from my suitcase for ANY reason and my big set of makeup. For my face I use Dior (FOREVER) foundation number 030 (when having suntan) and DiorShow Iconic mascara.
For my lips I like Victoria’s Secret lipglosses when I want to look more natural. Berrylicious is my favourite one. I also love MAC’s matte collection of  lipsticks. I use number 36 “Kinda sexy” which perfectly fits with “Oh honey” lip liner. For my body I use Victoria’s Secret body lotion with red plum and freesia (Pure Seduction) or NOIR TEASE.

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