Tips for nice and comfortable flight


After the long and exhausting process of luggage checks, endless security lines you can’t wait to get on the plane and get some rest. But for many people it is not that easy to doze off once they’re settled on the plane, in fact it is almost impossible! As a cabin crew I have big experience in falling asleep in all possible places on the plane, so today I will share some simple tricks which will help you doze off in no time!

What to bring on board?
– music player
– books/magazines/newspapers
– sleeping mask
– travel pillow
– blanket (not all airlines provide blankets in economy class)
– ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones

Before your flight
If you can schedule a flight that matches your natural sleeping patterns – perfect!
But if not, then you should stick to your usual bedtime routine before the flight – hot cup of tea/milk, brushing your teeth, reading a book…

Comfortable clothes
For me pajamas are the most comfortable wear, but wearing pajamas in public wouldn’t be the best choice. That is why if you’re flying to a long international destination you’d better choose wearing sweatpants or sportswear. Don’t forget to wear thick socks to keep your feet warm.

Choose your seat
Most airlines allow you to select your seat before the flight. If possible book your seat according to whch side you normally sleep on. The left side (when facing the cockpit) is better since the window seats are off center – offering more space to sleep on.

Tire yourself out
The night before your flight try getting less sleep. If you normally sleep 8 hours, try to cut down from 8 to 4 or 5 hours. Once you’re sat down on the plane and relaxed, sleep should come naturally.

Limber up
The last thing you need on a long flight are aches and pains which will keep you awake.
Try some yoga or stretch your body before your flight to keep yourself relaxed.

Flip your neck pillow
Rather than placing it behind your head, wear it around under your chin. This means that when you doze off, your head will be supported when you naturally loll forwards.

Stay away from the light
Block out light from annoying screen devices with your eye mask. You can also close your window shades.

Avoid the snack trolley
Drinks and snacks rich in sugar, alcohol and caffeine can also disrupt your sleeping. If you are hungry try having a carb-rich snack like cereal an hour before falling asleep.

Sleeping positions
The traditionalist – push your seatback (preferably without squashing the person behind) and enjoy extra space

The headbanger – pull down your seat tray and lean on top of it, using your arms or pillow for comfort (but next time don’t be surprised when your seat tray is lop-sided or broken)

The window-gazer – using a pillow for comfort, prop your head against the window to drift off to sleep.
You choose…

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The crab – ideal for aisle seats. Bring your legs to your hips and over the arm rest (but be careful with the trolleys)


The loverbirds – rest your head on the shoulder of the person next to you (preferably someone you know)


The VIP – if you are alone on the row, you can sprawl across the seats with a blanket and pillow


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