Diary of a pissed-off flight attendant

Another terrorist act?

2012 – Seven people (including the suicide bomber) were killed and at least thirty-two injured in an explosion on an Israeli-operated tour bus at the Burgas Airport in the Black Sea city of Burgas, Bulgaria.

2013 – British soldier and Drummer Lee Rigby was knocked down by a car in Woolwich, UK, after which the 2 occupants attacked him with knives and a machete, almost decapitating him and dumping the body on the road.

2014 – A man opened fire in the Jewish Museum in Brussels, leaving four people dead. On May 30, Mehdi Nemmouche, who in 2013 was fighting for Islamist rebels in the Syrian Civil War was arrested at a bus station in Marseilles and admitted to committing the shooting. This was the first incident of a European jihadist committing an act of terrorism after returning from Syria.

2015January 6th: A female suicide bomber detonated her explosives in front of a police station, killing one officer, wounding one officer, and killing herself in the process in Istanbul, Turkey.
            January 7th: Two heavily armed gunmen entered the Paris offices of satirical news magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people, including two police officers
           June 26th: Two attackers decapitated one person and blew up a gas canister in a factory near Lyon, France. One person was killed and twelve were injured. The attacker wrote unknown Arabic writings on the head and placed it near the entrance of the factory. The attackers claimed association with an Islamist organisation, leaving a flag behind. One attacker was killed and the other arrested
            July 20th:  A suicide bomber attacked a Peoples’ Democratic Party protest inSuruc, Turkey. Thirty-two were killed along with an unknown number of wounded. Islamic State was suspected to be behind the bombing.
           October 10th: Two suicide bombers blew themselves up near Ankara, Turkey central station where a rally for peace supported by Peoples’ Democratic Party was taking place. The attack left 102 dead and 508 injured, Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the act.
           November 13th: A series of co-ordinated attacks began over about 35 minutes at six locations in central Paris, France. The first shooting attack occurred in a restaurant and a bar in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. There was shooting and a bomb detonated at Bataclan theatre in the 11th arrondissement during a rock concert. Approximately 100 hostages were then taken and overall 89 were killed there. Other bombings took place outside the Stade de France stadium in the suburb of Saint-Denis during a football match between France and Germany.
          December 5th: A man with a knife stabbed three people at the Leytonstone tube station in east London, reportedly screaming ‘this is for Syria’, before police used a stun gun on the attacker and detained him.

2016 – Islamic State  claimed responsibility for co-ordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium which saw suicide bombers strike at Brussels’ Zaventem airport, with passengers seen fleeing for their lives shortly afterwards.

You can kill a person, but it will take ages to kill an Ideology.”

Watching this horrific statistics I start asking myself ,,What is happening to our world? Is World War ||| coming?”.  For the terrorists, the aim is to show they can still terrorise, mobilise and polarise with violence. This is not so much about revenge, but simply demonstrating a continued capability. It is our mistake that we show we are scared from what is happening and terrorists take advantage of this situation. When something bad happens like yesterdays’ incident at Brussels airport, medias can’t stop talking about how worried people are, how all security measures are highly increased, they broadcast interviews all the time with witnesses and people who have survuved from the incident and are frightened to death. This is how we make terrorists feel stronger and more confident to make their next step -another terrorist act. We MUST  stop encouraging terrorists and there are a few things we may do to stop this madness!

Such incidents are more likely to happen at areas where large number of people gather. Especially airports! We should be more suspicious and keep a good eye on people around us, if you think somebody acts unnaturally or looks suspicious to you don’t bother to report him/her immediately! Of course that doesn’t mean you should develop Sherlock Holmes – like powers of observation…don’t go on racist rants and hold back your thoughts to blame someone who looks like a terrorist. Never think someone is a terrorist just because they look like one. If you come across a suspicious package you should not handle it, isolate the package, do not smell, open or taste it, you should report to the police.
You should also reject requests from strangers at airports and on flights. Our natural instinct is to help people, however if a stranger asks you to hold something or come with them you should say no. You must remember that it is against all airport regulations to hold a package for a stranger! If a terrorist act is already a fact you should have knowledge of first aid. Basic knowledge can stop the impact of terrorist attack turning into a disaster. Consider doing first aid and fire courses, many organisations offer them for free. That way you may save a few human lives!
As I have already mentioned when such terrible accidents happen all security measures are highly increased which means flight attendants are also obliged to take care for the safety of their flights. This includes asking for your boarding passes when you get on board! That is why you shouldn’t get mad if you travel as a passenger and a cabin crew member asks for your boarding pass. Nobody wants to know which your seat number is…you shouldn’t also get angry if the flight attendant refuses you to use the front lavatory. This is a procedure which prevents the large flow of passengers who may disturb the ckockpit.

Yesterday I was flying to Rome and when we landed at Fiumicino airport we were informed that a few minutes ago the airport in Brussels has been attacked by terrorists. I didn’t get scared that something might happen to me, but I got upset for all those people who have been there. This is something that could have happened to me or the people I love. All terrorist acts that have happened in the UK, Turkey, France, Bulgaria are not attacks against them, these attacks are against the humanity!