How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?

Prepare for impact

Hi, guys! Today I am so excited because I found the best application ever and can’t wait to share it with you! If your work requires a lot of traveling by airplanes, no matter if you fly as a passenger or as a flight attendant, this application is just for you!



This app helps you to learn how to survive a plane crash and effectively teach you in aviation safety. Sometimes I get so mad, because passengers believe that flight attendants are flying waitresses or something and they work on a flying restaurant not on a plane! Only a few people realize how risky our job as a cabin crew member is and I have the impression that when passengers step on board they forget themselves! It is amazing when we’re passing through a strong air turbulent zone, the seatbelt signs are on and the qeue in front of the lavatory is already a fact!…Okay if you want to break your head or something else go ahead, I have warned you once! I am also amazed when the airplane lands and everybody starts to unfasten their seatbelts and gets up to get their luggage from the overhead bins…Let’s make it clear…there is no point to unfasten your seatbelt instantly when the plane lands, because the danger might happen during the taxiing. The airplane may suddenly stop and as you are on the aisle in a hurry to get your luggage from the overhead bins FIRST, you may break something. That is why seatbelt signs are being switched off at the moment of the final stop of the aircraft. Anyway it is a fact that passengers get on board to eat and drink everything that is on board and don’t follow the instructions of the flight attendants and quite often start up a fight when they are  asked to sit down. I am sure that in case of a emergency situation all these people will get panicked and wll have no idea what to do and shall wait for cabin crew’s instructions.

This app simulates all dangerous in-flight scenarios of your nightmares ranging from crashing into water, to in-flight decompression or fire and evacuate yourself as soon as possible. Yes, flying is safe, but aircraft accidents are unlikely events and they are a fact! This app has different ”levels” in which you must cope with different emergency situations. The first level is the simpliest one and is suitable for those passengers who have never been on a plane yet. It teaches you how to get on the plane and reach your seat. The second level simulates emergency landing and you must evacuate as soon as possible and cope with fire, smoke and blocked exits. The third level teaches you when to get your life vest, when is the right time to inflate it and how to position yourself into the slide raft when you get out of the plane. Next level simulates a crash on the runway between two aircrafts and how to evacuate if you are passenger in one of them and the last level teaches you how to act in case of decompression and how to open emergency hatches. The best thing of this app is that you will learn all possible commands you may hear from the cockpit and flight attendants in case of emergency situation. If you wish, you can complete a test before or after passing all levels. In such stressful situations nobody knows how he/she will act, because sometimes people are going crazy because of the huge shock they’ve been living through and they might do something stupid, insane or just stand still and do not do anything! No matter what I believe that this app would be very useful if everyone becomes familiar with it and go through these different scenarios that may occur on the plane.
Thanks to all game developers and researchers who have created this app!