Love is in the air

Long distance relationship goals of a flight attendant

Today’s post will have you running for the nearest box of chocolates and bottle of wine. Prepare yourself for a turbulent ride of one amazing romantic story which will make you believe in love (if you don’t) and prove that long distance relationships CAN  exist! In Bulgaria we have a proverb which says: “Out of sight and away from the heart” but today I’m gonna disprove that!
Meet Emily and Peter – Emily is a collegue and friend of mine, we both started working as a flight attendants together and Peter is my former collegue who works as a flight attendant in Emirates airlines. How did everything started?

October, 2014
Emily had to perform a charter flight to Dubai in October, 2014. She stayed there for a few days with her collegues, meanwhile Peter had threee days off. This was a great chance for him to meet his old Bulgarian friends (and former collegues), so they decided to meet and they did! Today Emily remembers that she wasn’t overexcited about it as her collegue Kathy was, because she had never been close enough with Peter. He was kind enough to show all the beautiful places in Dubai to his friends and they have all ended up drunk at Emily’s hotel room. “I was sitting on my bed, Peter was on the couch in front of me while we were chatting nicely. Suddenly I just felt I need to hug that person, so I nestled next to him on the couch, while everyone else was deadly drunk lying on the floor unconsciously.” – says Emily. The day Emily and her crew had to go back to Bulgaria, Emily forgot her favourite dress in her room. Wait, it was not just a dress…the golden dress! Relax, it’s not a dress made of real gold…it’s because of it’s colour. Anyway, Peter had to go back to the hotel to get it, but he had to speak with the manager, because nobody wanted to give the dress to a stranger! Oh,boy…what a gentleman, so many headaches for a dress! (yeah, but it was a golden one!) That day Emily have realized that Peter was a guy one in a million! Just like Ne Yo sings in his song – …you’re sooo one in a milliiiion, you aree…
And so Peter and Emily have started their long distance relationship –  late night calls and chats, virtual kisses… ”In november same year, Peter invited me in Dubai again and I was very confused, but at the end I decided to follow my heart and I he got me a ticket to Dubai. He is such a gentleman, he takes care for me all the time, and that time everything was perfect, but it was hard for both to have such a relationship.” – Emily says. That was the time they had many doubts to stay or not to stay together, because of the big distance between them, but destiny knows better and brings those people back together again!

The third time when Emily goes to Dubai is in November – the same time when their love story have started a year ago. At the day of her arrival, Peter has been at work, so he didn’t have the chance to wait at the aiport for his girl, so she had to take a taxi. “When I got to his place I realized he took care of everything! On the bed were lying some towels, slippers, he even had left his credit card with a note saying ,,Feel free to use it!” and two boxes of chocolate – Lindt my favourite ones and Raffaello, because of the cute box. There were also different kinds of fruits in the kitchen if I wanted to eat something healthy, not only to become fat…and there were sticky notes everywhere with instructions what to do, which is what and how to use it.” – Emily remembers with a smile on her face.
The the cutest thing for ME is that Peter still sends to Emily postcards from each country he is visitting. How sweet, isn’t it?

February, 2016
On Valentine’s Day Emily is going to the beauty salon. Peter is already in Bulgaria and has a key from Emily’s house. That is why he decides to make the most romantic surprise every woman dreams about! I think no words are necessary  here – candles and red roses everywhere, delicious dinner, good wine and amazing gift!

Many people don’t believe long distance relationships are going to work out. Of course it is not easy, because the distance can make many things unachievable, but also makes little things the sweetest. Holding each other’s hands, smelling each others hair, taking a walk together – such simple wishes could simply mean so much more in a long distance relationships! But Emily and Peter are happy, crazy in love and do their best to feel most of the time this way. That is why Peter comes back to Bulgaria two times a month and is doing his best to keep his love alive and strong enough to survive!
So if you’re having or already had the same problem you can be sure in one thing – if feelings are honest and real there is no way your relationship will not survive!