How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?

Tips for a Cabin Crew Interview

Preparing for an interview is absolutely crucial for your success as a future flight attendant. It is true that all airlines have different requirements, but you must be sure in one thing: if you have the qualities listed below (or some of them) you will be one step ahead from other candidates. I will also give some examples of questions you can be asked in an inteview and how to behave properly!

1. What kinds of skills should a flight attendant be expected to have?

The perfect candidate for this job must be friendly, welcoming and helpful. These skills will be very appreciated by the interviewers because you will be the “face” of the airline. If you are frowned most of the time, impolite and irritable to passengers you can get yourself into a big trouble with them, your collegues and yourself! Probably you’ve heard of the law of attraction – if you think negative, negative things will happen to you; if you’re happy, you will attract happy people in your life! Besides…nobody wants a displeased employee in his company , right?

Being intelligent and quick, with critical thinking is also very important for those who wish to become cabin crew members. A good flight attendant must have the ability to analyze situations, remain calm during stressful scenarios and act adequately. You must have the ability to address all passengers’ needs and concerns with efficiency and friendliness. You should be confident enough, so all passengers on board can feel safe with you if something goes wrong during the flight.

Airline attendants should also be able to work well in teams, so they can easily cooperate with their collegues. It is good if you can work alone, but it is much better if you can work in a team and believe me it doesn’t depend on the specific situation… Working in team teaches conflict resolution skills and builds trust – something that can’t be achieved if you work alone.

2. How to behave at inteview?

Clothes – wearing formal clothes for an inerview is essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear something you won’t feel comfortable in, just to make sure you look good! It is more important to feel relaxed and confident than feel like wearing your best friend’s clothes.

Body language – speaks a lot about our character and how do we feel at a certain time. You need to be confident and sit upright in your chair. You can even lean slightly forward to show you are interested and involved in the conversation and remember – try not to touch your face, play with your hair (which will indicate that you’re lying or worried) or cross your arms across your chest which will be accepted as a defensive attitude.

Be yourself –  don’t say things you don’t believe in  just to make people like you. If you do this it will be obvious that you’re not honest. Use your humour, act like you normally do and you will get bigger chances to get this job!

Your turn to ask questions – Usually inteviewers aks if you have any questions at the end of the conversation. This is the time you can ask whatever you want, don’t be silent! Asking questions speaks a lot about your character – this waay you can show your enthusiasm and interest in the company.

How to finish –  Sincerely thank the interviewer for the spent time with you and shake hands if he initiates.

3. Questions you may be asked

– Tell us more about yourself?
– What are your hobbies?
– What other languages can you speak?
– Why did you choose this career out of many others?
– What are the reasons for applying in this airline?
– What do you know about the duties of a cabin crew member?
– Is there something that is bothering you in this kind of job?
– Tell us about your own personal qualities and attributes
– Why do you think you are perfect for this job?
– What can you contribute to this airline?
– Tell us about your strenghts and weaknesses
– Give us an example when you have collaborated successfully with others
– Have you ever dealt with anger or aggression? How?
– Can you give us an example of when you had to deal with a difficult challenge?
– Can you tell us about the last time when you have coped well under pressure?
–  Have you ever experienced a situation when you had to follow complex instructions?

The list is endless but these questions are the most common ones which you are sure to be aksed in an inteview. So you better prepare youself before attending an inteview because this may be crusial for your future! I hope I was helpful to you, don’t forget if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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