Tips for nice and comfortable flight

10 technological toys for comfortable flight

Tiny in-ear headphones with 10 different tips for best comfort. Offers excellent suppression of background noise.


2. E-reader
Reading is the best and most useful way to spend time on a flight. E-readers can hold many books and the best thing is the screen doesn’t emit any light, nor does it tire your eyes. It also has it’s own soft lighting so you don’t annoy the person sitting next to you by using the overhead light.


3. Logitech keys-to-go
Only 6mm thick, this wireless keyboard fits any Android or iOS device. It is waterproof and has mechanical, no touch keys, making your typing more comfortable.


4.AUKEY Portable battery charger
Portable batteries are no longer a novelty, but this Aukey lithum-polymer offers four times more capacity than other models. This is enough to charge iPhone 9 times and also allows four simultaneous charging of four devices. Besides, it only costs 20 euro.
5.Wallet ninja
Security measures at all airports won’t allow you to take your favourite Swiss Army Knife on board. This clever credit card-sized gadget replaces it. It offers different sized screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, a letter opener and even a smartphone stand!

6.Steelseries stratus
This is a portable wireless joystick that converts your smartphone or tablet into a wallet-rounded gaming console – what a great way to spend a few hours on board! It doesn’t take much space and the battery lasts 10 hours.


7. Overboard PRO VIS
At first glance, a waterproof backpack may not be a necessity on board. However, the chances of spilling coffee on your laptop shouldn’t be overlooked. This bag will protect all your favourite gadgets from moisture (even if you drop it in the sea), sand or dust.


8. Airhook
This simple but clever device can hold your tablet and cup, without having to keep the tray table open – giving you some precious room.

9. Napanywhere
The seats in economy class aren’t the most comfortable ones for taking a nap. This foamed travel pillow changes that by providing stable head-support in any position you like.


10. The knee defender 
This gadget helps you prevent the passenger in front of you from pushing their seat back too much. It has sparked quite a lot of controversy and even a forced landing in the USA.


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