Love is in the air

Love is in the air

This post is dedicated to someone who I love very much, who means the whole world to me and who understands this life all too well. People say you find true love when you aren’t looking for it. When I started my career as a flight attendant I was only 19 and was single. Аt that time I had experienced a love disappointment and wasn’t looking for new relationships. I had never expected to find the love of my life in the cockpit or in the cabin full of passengers, even more I had promised to myself NEVER falling inlove with а collegue. You know when you’re brokenhearted you don’t care about anything, all I wanted to do was to put all of my energy into my workplace, so I can forget about my disappointments. It was very hard for me to focus on my future, trying not to think about the past and remain open to all possibilities by staying at the present moment. The days were passing by untill one day I saw the name of an unknown purser in my duty plan. I thought I had already met all of my collegues and that’s why I started asking everyone about this guy, I was very curious to find out who he was! It was three years ago when I had a flight to Zurich and finally met the ”new” purser – Michael. It was early in the morning when he came into the briefing room without saying anything. He was about 23 or 24 – year – old man, thin and of average height, black hair, who looked very unfriendly to me… He started his briefing when suddenly I looked at his blue eyes. I felt strange and I remember saying to myself ,,Oh,    my,   God! Those   eyes…”. I heard almost nothing from all the things he said, but definitely wasn’t love at first side. During the whole flight we were joking and laughing all the time, he had great sense of humor and working with such people becomes a real pleasure for me. One day I went to a restaurant with some collegues of mine and Michael and that day I convinced myself that it really is a small world we live in. Our friends went outside for a cigarette and left me alone with Michael. He tried to start a conversation asking me some trivial questions but he couldn’t manage to capture my attention. I was answering clearly and shortly with ”yes” and ”no” until he asked me about my parents’ names. He told me he knew everything about them and at first I thought to myself  ”What the h…?! Is he FBI special agent or what?! How come he knows everything about my family?”. At last he told me that his mom and my mother have been best friends in their student times, so were our dads and his parents have introduced my dad to my mom at a student party. That is how my parents got married thanks to Michael’s parents! I was amazed, shocked – it is really a small world we live in!

Everything started when one day I found a red rose on my car after work…we started dating for a few weeks untill he was sent to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for three months. We were talking everyday for hours, I loved our late night calls and chats, it was amazing – just like young teenagers! I miss those days…After Michael came back from Jeddah he decided to surprise me and do not tell me anything – he was waiting for me after work with his car in front of the terminal with a red rose in one hand and a whole box of Raffaello candy (nom nom, my favourites) in the other hand. These days were the most amazing ones in my life and have helped me forget about my broken heart. After three years we are still crazy inlove as we were the first time we’ve kissed and I am so grateful that I have such a great person by my side. When we used to be collegues we found out it is hard and is not good to combine personal and professional relationships together at one place. When we used to fly together we were always offending and talking to each other like lovers not like collegues. He is no stewart anymore, but no matter how hard is to be in a relationship while being a flight attendant, we are still together and enjoy doing all the things we like. I am so thankful that he has a respect of my job and understands me, because I guess if he had never been a stewart before it would be very difficult for him to understand my way of living.

What I know for sure is:
– love can only be forgotten with new emotions and love
– you find true love when you aren’t looking for it
– our world is such a small place to live in
– nothing in this world is random, everything happens for a reason