How to become and what is like to be a flight attendant?

How to become a flight attendant?

Hello, there! If you are reading this perhaps your dream job is to become a flight attendant! It is pleasure to have you on my blog, so lets get started!

First of all if you wish to become a cabin crew member you need to know a few things:
– you shouldn’t be afraid of heights and airplanes
– you have to be in a perfect shape (completely healthy) Why? I will explain later on
– you must prepare yourself for a lot of stress
– and last but not least, you should feel passionate about it!

1. Step 1

First of all you should attend an interview for your dream job as a flight attendant. All airlines usually annouce their free vacancies in their own websites or by colorful advertisements in the social media. If your application has been approved and the interview has gone well first step before commencing training is to undergo a medical physical and agility test to ensure you are in good health and able to perform the job duties. That is why you should be completely healthy. Even the most insignificant detail may hinder your future career as a flight attendant.
You must keep in mind that the primary responsibility of flight attendants is safety. After the medical you should be trained. From this training you will learn about different procedures that shоuld be undertaken in emergency situations, first aid, aircraft configuration, airline terminology and customer service. The good thing is that most airlines pay for your training – you don’t pay even a cent!
I remember my first training…it was 4 years ago in Helsinki, Finland. This training program has teached me how to extinguish fire on board, how to survive when there is plenty of smoke and how to save and evacuate passengers. I had the chance to see all the safety equipment for the first time and learn everything about the certain aircraft. I started working on Embraer190 – Brazilian aircraft with cabin configuration 108 (passengers).


This training also includes dangerous goods course and the bad news is that you should be trained each year, so you can refresh your knowledge.

image2 image1
I know it’s hard sometimes to survive when you’re bored because you think you already know everything. All this courses are annoying, because each year you learn the same old things. But pay attention on each course you’re attending, it may be useful one day!

Sometimes it is good to combine the things which are useful with those wich bring you pleasure!


You probably know that there are some requirements to be a flight attendant. All requirements are DIFFERENT at every airline but you should be able to meet all of the posted qualifications for the airline to which you apply. Usually the requirements include:

– HEIGHT – normally the minimum height is between 5’0-5’1 and the maximum ranges between 5’8-6’3 or 154cm to 190cm. Many airlines do not even have height requirements but the main idea is that you should be tall enough to reach the overhead bins and the emergency equipment on the aircraft.
EDUCATION – High school diploma is usually enough but if you have a Bachelor’s degree ot higher is better for you. No prior schooling or training is required.
– APPEARANCE – You should be positive, polite, friendly, groomed and neat in appearance.
– Clean criminal background for at least 10 years
No visible tattoos and piercings 

2. Step 2

After the theory and the medical it is time for ditching! That’s right, you heard me – DITCHING! It is not necessary for you to have perfect swimming abilities. On this course you will learn what to do if the pilots ditch the airplane – how not to freeze in the cold water, how to save pregnant women and babies and how to protect yourself and other passengers from sharks! You will wear lifejackets all the time in the swimming pool so there is no danger of drowning if you are not a good swimmer. For me this is the best part from the whole training!  It is useful and entertaining at the same time.




3. Step 3

If you think we are finished with the trainings – you are wrong. One last course left – SECURITY! This course is separated in two parts – theory and practise. In the theory you will learn how to deal with bomb threats, passengers who are mentally ill and agressive and what to do in case of a terrorist act.  The practise includes searching of prohibited and dangerous items such as knives and bombs on the aircraft.

As soon as you go through all these trainings you will be ready to put on your uniform and take over the world! And remember the fact that you passed all these courses doesn’t make you a proficient flight attendant. Experience is gained throughout the years!